SCOLIOSIS and Yoga- Basics for beginners

WHAT: Lateral curvature of the vertebral column.

HOW: Unequal usage of body parts and force on the vertebral column.

WHEN: It happens when a wrong body position adopted during daily activities or at the job.

 MEANS: Body weight and gravity pulls the joints and gives the muscles a new wrong position. If this continues as a habit, it can be identified during challenging situations and external observation. But it does not give any discomfort during normal activities. If still not taken care, the situation becomes worse and the symptoms start during normal activities also.


DISCOMFORTS: Initially pain on one side of the spine (paraspinal spasm) especially lower back or upper back. Spine looks compressed on one side and stretched on another side (deviated from midline). Stretched is considered to be the muscle weakness (not able to overcome the body weight) and compression represents overactivity of muscles.

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