“Sleep” – a testing tool in Yoga Teacher Training Course

Sleep is the best signal for relaxation has to be addressed by the trainer on regular basis. Sleep, as it stimulates the Pineal gland, the important hormone melatonin will bring the Biorhythm. This will enhance the capacity of natural healing processes and immune reactions. At the initial days of teacher training, the bodily strain leads to good sleep. As the second week commence it brings the distractions also into the mind. This will disturb the time given for sleep or quality of sleep. Hence the students usually feel tired which is not because of regular practice but the mental distractions. Few students with eating habits also get sick and face lack of sleep. Hence the trainer has to frequently check the performance of the student and encourage for Prathyahara. With this, the mental distraction towards sense objects and the inwards journey will not be disturbed. This is how the Pineal gland and its biorhythm will be maintained.

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